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Thread: Go to restaurant for just a dessert?

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    Is it possible to just go to a restaurant for a dessert? How about somewhere like the california grill or would that be frowned upon?

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    It's perfectly fine to go just for dessert! Don't hesitate to try out a restaurant by having just dessert (or just an appetizer). It's a great way to get a feel for a restaurant without having to spend a small fortune.

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    LOL, Jon and I have this discussion quite often...he tends to think we're being "rude" by taking up an entire table and only having desserts or apps (and therefore resulting in a smaller tab). But he's also found he enjoys doing our compromise is that we typically try to book these "meals" at off peak times (as opposed to typical dining times) and, if the service is good, we tip generously. Of course, we're usually enjoying a drink with a desserts or apps as well, so the bill is rarely "too" small :wink:

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