Having missed our shopping day on Saturday, with the late arrival of the train we decided we would do that this morning. We started with a drive out into town for breakfast at Perkins. Donna ordered a wonderful, light, strawberry brioche which came with eggs (she likes hers scrambled) and bacon. I opted for the ham steak and eggs (over easy) and one of their wonderful pumpkin muffins.

From here it was on to Sun Trust Bank to get some cash and then to DTD, right across the street. Our first stop was at Guest Relations to try and get our room key reset for charging privileges as we had reached the ridiculously low limit that they set at Value Resorts. We had tried to do that at the resort twice and were told the system was down. The CM at DTD told us that it was a system wide outage and affected Disney Parks worldwide. It was a planned upgrade but I guess it didn’t go as smoothly as they thought. Anyway, card reset, we headed over to the Christmas store to purchase a new tree topper for us and Christmas ornaments for our children and grandchildren, including a great-granddaughter. We opted to have these sent back to the room. We wandered through the Pantry and picked up a new clean/dirty Mickey shaped hanger for the dishwasher and refill packets of our favorite spice, Pirate’s Bite, which is wonderful on Pizza among other things. We probably could buy this cheaper, closer to home, as there is s store in Alexandria, VA, only a few miles from us but we rarely get there. We took a walk through Goofy’s candy company but didn’t buy anything. Our next stop was going to be the Margarita Bar but it didn’t open until noon so we went into World of Disney. We really couldn’t find what we wanted there but did purchase an outfit for Donna’s Duffy Bear and a window cling that read “My other car is a Doom Buggy”.

By now the Margarita Bar was open and we made our traditional stop. I was still working on my margarita when Donna took a walk over to the Lego store to try and find something but came up empty there also. When she came back we each had another margarita. From there we walked over behind Captain Jack’s and caught the launch over to the Westside. Here we were able to find part of the Christmas present for one of our Daughters in Law. Our departing Van Pool coordinator just recently bought a new Harley Davidson motorcycle after his old one was wrecked. It is a bright orange. They had one on display in the store so Donna took a couple of pictures. I tried to find some small trinket that linked Harley with Disney but unfortunately they didn’t sell them. We kept walking to Pleasure Island and caught the launch there back over to DTD and headed back to our room, stooping first at Ghirardelli for a chocolate sundae, which we split.

After a rest in the room we took showers, changed clothes and headed over to the Yacht Club for dinner with some dear friends at the Yachtsman Steakhouse. Unfortunately we had received a phone call earlier in the day from our favorite waiter telling us that he would be unable to make it that night as his father (95 years old) was feeling poorly and he didn’t feel he could leave him. He had arranged for a friend of his to be our server but we would have had to wait for an additional 30-45 minutes to be seated so we told them we would accept another server. She was nowhere near as good as our friend, though the meal itself was quite tasty. My wine (red) was served chilled and I immediately remarked about it. It also was not poured at the table, which is quite customary for this restaurant. However, our server said nothing. She came around once, after our meal was served, asking how it all was and we told it her that it was very good, except for the chilled wine. As I was approximately half way through my meal she finally came around with an unopened bottle of the wine and offered to remove the cost from my bill and pour me a new one, but I just told her no thanks, that I would just drink what I had at that point. Donna ordered the vegetarian dish which was a Cavatelli Pasta which had wild mushrooms and squash, which she ate around. I opted for the Veal Chop which was very tasty. We had no room left for dessert. We then went to the lobby of the Yacht Club and sat with our friends and talked for about an hour or so. We bid them a fond farewell and went back to the resort.