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Thread: help me pick - all star sports or pop century

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    Which is better out of those two? pop century is newer so may have nicer rooms but all stars looks the better themed?

    How about food courts and busses at both places?


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    Oh gosh. This is a tough one. I've stayed at both.

    I think I like the set up of the room at All Star a bit better. The door seems to open right onto the bed at Pop.

    Pop is huge and spacious and I love the theming. All Stars are huge and spacious and I love the theming.

    Service from staff is great at both places.

    I prefer the selections and variety at the All Stars food courts.

    I've not had problems with buses at either resort.

    Parking was a bit of a challenge at Pop, but then it could have been the time that we were there.

    Pop has been reported as a bit noisy (sound through the walls) but I never noticed it at all.

    So, did that help at all?

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    Tink...we're staying at Pop for the first time next month, and I've heard other people say the same about the food court not being as good as the All Stars. Now, we actually eat quite a few meals in the food court of the hotel, so this is a big deal to us...can you be more specific about what you didn't care for? Was it the selection? Quality of food? Set up? Is it bad enough to put you off staying there again? Or at the least, eating in the food court?


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    I believe All Star Sports was refurbished 2 or 3 years ago. USCwest will know--I remember him commenting on staying there shortly after the refurbishment.

    Becca, I dined at the Pop Century food court frequently during our visit last December. I injured both legs two days before our departure, so I couldn't get around well. An ECV wasn't an option, unfortunately.

    I actually discovered a number of things my very plain tastebuds could handle at Pop Century. The food court staff was terrific about working with me, as well.

    Apparently, the layout of the food court stations and cashiers is a bit of an issue with some people. In all honesty, the cashier queues can be a bit long at times, which isn't fun when you're planning to eat a hot meal. I haven't stayed at All Stars, so I can't compare them.

    The food can be a bit heavy on carbs and deep frying. I would have loved the option of a grilled chicken breast instead of deep fried with my pasta dish. However, some of the stations do have healthier options (salmon was available, but I somehow missed it!). The food also is a bit heavy on sodium for my taste, but I average less than 800 mg of sodium daily, so almost anything I purchase is a bit salty to me!

    Keep in mind, I don't do breakfast--just don't like breakfast food other than the occasional waffle or French toast--with pure maple syrup, of course! I'm absolutely no help with that menu!

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    We have stayed at all of the All Stars and also at Pop. We were at All Star Sports (my personal favorite) last month and will be at Pop Century in November. I don't think you can go wrong whatever your final choice is.

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