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Thread: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour

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    has anyone done this? what did you think?

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    I have not but am interested to hear what people think :-)

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    Ive not been on it but all the reviews have been 50/50

    As an introduction to Disney tours, it's inexpensive, short and fun. You'll go on a few rides, get to hear some Disney history and if you don't really enjoy it, it's only 30odd dollaris and 2hours ish.

    On the other side, there's one ride walk through with the lights on, no other backstage stuff, the rides are normal ones not hard to get on ones with large queues or anything etc,

    So I think in context as a cheap first tour yeah why not but if you've already done the excellent keys to the kingdom, you may find this one lacking
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    Mmm was thinking of doing it more for Caitlin, think we'll save our money. I've doneKTTK anyway

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