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Joe, I don't know how old your kids are but I think, if they are amenable to trying different foods, that it is an excellent selection. I'm sure they'll enjoy the oompah band. As far as the food, it is traditional German with IMHO and American twist. We rarely have kids with us but when we do, it is grandchildren who are 9 or close to 9 (last year for the child rate). Obviously all of the character meals are kid friendly.

My DW and I love JIKO for a nice dinner. On this latest trip we also had excellent meals at Citrico's, Kouzzina (too noisy for an intimate meal, but good food) and Brown Derby.
Thanks, my boys are 10, will be 7 when we go and 1 year old. I've always wanted to try Biergarten and I think the kids would love the atmosphere. I don't know anything about Jiko, What kind of food is it? I've been reading your posts about your latest trip and I must tell you, you paint a great picture when telling your details. I see you will also be going in February, I will be there the 3rd to the 10th and we are already getting excited. Funny thing is this will be my 10 year olds 6th time and my wife and my 8th time yet we still get excited like it's our first. So much to do and I'm always looking for things we haven't tried.