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Thread: Our Night at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

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    This has become a bit of a tradition for us, I love this party and personally think it is the best Party that WDW has. I much prefer it to the Christmas Party which I have done twice now.

    This year we went on Tuesday 25th September and arrived at the Magic Kingdom at about 4pm. We didn't have a reservation for dinner, but planned to eat in Cosmic Rays later in the evening. We arrived just in time for the Flag Retreat, it always brings a tear to my eye as I watch the people around put their hands to their chests and sing the anthem, you can see the pride they have for their country.








    We then strolled down Main Street trying to avoid the people coming towards us, I've never seen it so busy this early before. There were a few people dressed up, but not as many as I thought there would be, I was glad I hadn't Chris was able to get some good shots of people in their outfits, some of them had obviously taken a long time to get ready, whilst others..............well









    We wandered over to Splash Mountain as I desperately wanted to get a photo of the 7 dwarfs, sadly it was only 6.30pm and the line was already past the 40 minute sign never mind, maybe one day

    We had decided not to go trick or treating this year until much later as we wanted to just enjoy the atmosphere and later on a lot of the children have gone so it is a little less chaotic.

    We went into Cosmic Rays and had a bite to eat, I was planning on having ribs and chicken, but that station was closed, so we chose the bacon burger which was delcious as usual.

    After feeling completely full we started to make our way to Main Street to watch the parade, I don't know what made us decide to watch the early one this year as we normally see the later parade. Main Street was packed, so we walked along looking for a space but found nothing, so decided to stand in the hub, which was as it turned out was a good choice.

    Here are some photos of the parade:




















    When this was over, we went across to the Train Station to grab some seats that had been vacated by people who had watched the parade. Chris wanted to take some photos of the fireworks from here as it had been a while since he'd done this. Sadly, people were swinging on the rail, so even though he's attached his camera to it, with the hope of it being still a lot of the photos didn't come out to his standard. Here are just a few that survived after he'd looked at them and even now he would not be happy if he knew I'd posted them.




    After the fireworks a lot of people started to leave and the park quietened down nicely We went over to Tomorrowland to have watch the dance party with Goofy, Stitch and Pluto, I love watching the faces of the children when one of the characters comes over and starts dancing with them. After a few hugs and high fives from Goofy and Pluto, we walked over to Storybook Circus to see what it looked like in the dark. I think it looks nicer at night than it does during the day.

    We decided at that point to go trick or treating for our little man Chris kept stopping for some photos and he took a lovely photo of the Liberty Belle.


    By now, it was getting late and I could hardly walk so we decided it was time to leave. I think I speak for Chris as well, but we had a great time doing things at a slower pace and we will probably do the same thing next year
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    I love the costumes

    Fantastically crisp photos, can I ask what camera you guys use?

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    Wow, that's a lot of spandex on that lady in the leotard.

    I love all the costumes!

    The parade looks like a lot of fun. The ghosts are very interesting. I'm always so impressed with the detail.

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    Wonderful photos, Wendy. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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    Lol that's Barbie and Ken :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnie, post: 295019
    Lol that's Barbie and Ken :-)
    I guess it it's even funnier that she's wearing all that spandex.

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    Sounds like you had fun! What time do you recommend lining up for the 7 dwarves?

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    It sounds like you and Chris did indeed have a fabulous time. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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    Oh Wendy, I can't believe this was the night that we went. We got there round about the same time as we had a booking at Liberty Tree at 4.30pm (wouldn't go back there again, food not my cup of tea). We watched the parade from somewhere near Splash Mountain, watched the fireworks and then started trick and treating. My poor little GS was absolutely dead on his feet, not long after this so he had a piggyback to the bus which was waiting for us. It was a great night.

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    Great photos Wendy....and tell Chris there`s now`t wrong with the fireworks shots!

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