Hello all!!

As a lovely part of our Disney Secrets traditions, we will be having our yearly Calendar Exchange!

For anyone who may be new to this, I will secretly send each of you the name and address of another participant, and then you send a Calendar from your part of your world to them.

If you would like to sign up for this yearís exchange please PM me, by November 5th, with the following information:

*Your Name
*Forum Username
*Your Address

The last day for posting your calendars will be November 15th. Hopefully this way all calendars will make their way around the world before the end, either of the year or of the world :)

This exchange is for 2013 Calendars, please do not send calendars from any other year , especially if they've been used!

Below are the official guidelines for the exchange. Please make sure you are aware of them before signing up. Thank you, and letís make it a wonderful exchange in the grand Secretís tradition!

General Exchange Guidelines

*wdisneysecrets cannot be held responsible for the non-receipt of any exchange item - you enter into the exchange at your own risk.

*Only registered members may join an exchange. Please don't try to sign up your relatives, children, dog, piggies or llamas, as these will be politely declined.

*By signing up you agree to your address details being passed to another forum member.

*By signing up you agree not to pass any address or other personal details on to anyone, forum member or otherwise.

*Each exchange is for a specific item. Please expect only to receive that specific item. Extras in a package are entirely at the sender's discretion and no one should feel obliged to send anything other than what we are currently exchanging.

*Please obtain proof of posting where possible.

*Please advise on the appropriate thread when you have sent/received your package.

*We may need volunteers to act as exchange elves. If, for whatever reason, someone does not receive their item, we will ask an elf to send a replacement for them. If you are willing to volunteer for this please notify the exchange coordinator via Private Message.

*If sending overseas please ship via Air Mail.

*Signing up for an exchange and then failing to post to your recipient will result in a 12 month suspension from future exchanges, which is a long time of missing all the fun!