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Thread: Be Our Guest Restaurant - Kids Menu Lets Them Dine Like Adults

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    Im not so sure mine would! Whilst shes not at all fussy she's quite plain, will eat all veg and fruit, meat etc but she knows what she likes and what she doesnt - which is why buffets are great for us when we are away!

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    The Boy would LOVE these, especially the fish. He still says he wants to be a chef and will quiz anyone who will talk with him, on the ingredients the preparation, the taste and the appearance of his food. He gets seriously offended if he's offered what he considers to be "baby food."

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    I'm loving this for me! If I don't have someone to share with then I will usually get a kids meal. I'm glad to see good stuff!!

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    I think this is a great idea children should have the chance to eat proper food

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    My kids will love this, they'll be 6 and 2 when we next visit. They eat normal adult food at home, so why not when we're away? This is a good thing, it looks absolutely delicious. I really like that they're thinking about health too.

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