I like having the Disney Dining Plan for my family. I think it is possible to save money by not using it, but I like the convenience. We use the Quick Service Meal for lunch each day, and use the Table Service Meal for dinner. We pay for breakfast out of pocket. We generally use our Table Service Meal for character meals or themed restaurants. What we don't like about the Quick Service Meal is it comes with dessert. We do not need or want dessert at lunch. Sometimes the QS restaurant will allow you to get a bottle of water instead of dessert, but not always. I believe you might be able to save some money by paying out of pocket, especially if you are a light eater. The only way to know for sure is to look at the menus for the restaurants you think you will eat at, and price your meals. Then compare the cost to the cost of the DDP. We like the convenience of having most of our meals already paid for - except gratuity and "adult beverages" before our vacation.