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Thread: Warning! Tourist-area station sells gas for $6.44 a gallon

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    A Shell station in the tourist area near Lake Buena Vista was selling gasoline for $6.44 a gallon Monday more than $3 above what most motorists are paying.

    A clerk at the station at 8788 Vineland Ave. declined to comment. The manager could not be reached.

    Orange County zoning manager Mitch Gordon said the station is not breaking any laws because the price is clearly marked on a sign by the road.

    Orange passed an ordinance about advertising fuel prices in February. That followed Orlando, where the City Council approved a law in 2010 requiring visible signs at stations near Orlando International Airport.

    Previously, customers topping off their tanks before returning a rental car often were surprised by the price because it was not posted by the street.

    Prices at some stations near the airport on State Road 436 remain high, typically around $5.50 a gallon. But signs warn motorists of the higher prices.

    Meanwhile, there are many better deals. Some Metro Orlando stations are selling fuel for as little as $3.17 a gallon, according to the website

    The AAA travel club said the Orlando average for Monday was $3.27 a gallon.

    Source Orlando Sentinel

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    still cheaper than ours LOL

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    talk about taking advantage of people!

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    I think this is utterly ridiculous. You know, many people save for months and months, and even make sacrifices in order to go to Disney with their family....and then to see this just appalls me.

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