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Thread: pop warner cheerleaders?

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    Ive been told these will be at disney at the same time as me, how bad will it be at the value resorts?

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    Well, they can be a noisy bunch. :sigh; The tend to hang in groups and burst into loud cheers at any given time.

    Earplugs may be your friend! :wink:

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    The dates this year are December 7-13, 2008

    I'll be there at that time as well although thankfully not in a value.

    Deep breath, try and smile

    The impact is most at values since a lot stay there. I've encountered them several times and it's the usual story I guess, 99% are delightful, 1% are horrendous and the 1% are able to make enough noise and mischief such that they are all you notice.

    I found during the day, the ones who werent competing were around the resort, on the busses, kicking, shouting, pushing and generally being a pain.

    In the evening, the busses are certainly more crowded to/from the values because of them. Again at the values, it's the chaperones who are perhaps the worst during the evenings. Loud laughing outside the rooms, constant door banging etc.

    In the parks I found the impact minimal.

    So I'm not a huge fan I'm afraid and though it's not enough to put me off being there at the same time, it's enough to put me off being at a value at the same time for sure
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    Keith's analysis is spot on--at least for my experiences! Two of my three December WDW visits have been during Pop Warner--and I've stayed at Pop Century during both of those visits! Thankfully, the All Stars are the preferred value resorts for Pop Warner, and I believe POR is the preferred moderate. "Preferred" meaning that discounts are offered to the teams and their families. However, some do stay at Pop Century and other resorts--they just book and pay what ever rate they qualify for.

    If you encounter a group of cheerleaders in the parks or on the bus, they can be rather noisy and frequently inconsiderate. They are teenagers and their world tends to exclude everyone except themselves. And the chaperones frequently are no better--and sometimes much worse. This applies to the football coaches and chaperones, as well.

    That said, I've had few negative experiences with either group. Very noisy coaches/chaperones at Pop Century bellowing from the third floor railing down to the pool one year (CMs were on it immediately), and the occasional obnoxious cheerleader or chaperone. Overall, they are just high-spirited teens enjoying some free time and preparing for competition that is very special to them.

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    Are there any dates for cheerleading activities from Christmas through to mid january?
    We usually come across a lot of these groups when we are there....usually january when we notice them.

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    Get up and out of the resort early and stay out and you won't notice them. We found that they would hit the food courts from around 9am and the place would be rammed then. By getting an early breakfast and getting out before then we had no disturbance from them. The only time they were an "issue" was one evening as we were returning to our room there was a group having a loud party on a grassy area. By the time we had dropped our bags in our room and had returned to the lift to head to the food court security had dispersed them. Might be helpful to request a room away from group bookings but honestly we had no issues in sharing a resort with them.

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