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Thread: your typical day when on holiday at Disney?

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    We dont plan a thing! We decide the night before where we are going the following day, get up and have breakfast, get to the park and stay there all day til we are fit to drop and then go somewhere for tea - then bed!

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    I dont have a typical day except always spend an hour or so by the pool and a different resturant every night

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    I plan some ADR's but that's really about it. We have been known to get to one park deem it too crowded and hop to different one.

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    We like to resort hop and will drive to Downtown Disney and get a Disney bus to a resort to have a looksee Every year is a bit different.... always have an excuse to go back.
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    we tend to go to park opening of whichever park we're going to, do whatever we like, have lunch then go back to our room for a rest and out for the evening. I get overwhelmed by heat/people/excitement and need a bit of space. I look and see which parks are due to be busy then avoid them. The only thing that is planned really is meals due to ADRs.

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    It has changed so much

    The first time we went, we were engaged and travelled like good Mexicans.. we had NO IDEA where to go, what to do, or when to eat. It wasnt busy though, so we managed well enough.

    On our honeymoon we got park hoppers and had some ADRs for special meals, but apart form that, we would get up, walk to the bus station and catch whichever bus came first. It was really fun to see where we would be going. And we could also change parks midday, so no worries there.

    Then, the 2 trips we have taken as a family, first with Tatiana and then with both of them have been planned military style hahahahaha..... ADRs booked for every day 6months in advance, activities, laid back days, even which rides to go first... and, especially this last trip during spring break, we wouldnt have had a smuch fun as we did if it hadnt been that way, since it was sooo busy!

    So it just depends, we tried to focus on lunch a dinner character meals, we eithe rhad breakfast in our room or took some quick service stuff and ate it while walking around. Due to the 2 hour time difference, we never made it to the parks early, but never had trouble with staying until almost park closing either.

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