the stream is much higher this morning as it rained hard last night so the water is running very quickly - too fast to paddle in today! :shrk:

we left home late morning and drove to Kilmore Quay which is a village with a working harbour. there were loads of fishing boats and lots of the fishermen were busy cleaning the boats after they had been out to catch fish, crabs etc.

as soon as we arrived we were amazed to see 2 seals being fed by 2 fishermen on a small boat. it was amazing and we were really excited to see them as we didn't get to last time we were here. :excited001:

we watched them for ages and mum took photos of course and after a while the men left. the next thing we knew they had driven up behind where we were standing on the quay side and asked mum if we wanted some fillets to feed the seals with.

well of course we said yes, so we went to the rocks which were a bit closer to the seals and 1 came over as it saw us sitting there. we fed it and it was brilliant, mum took even more photos.:rolleyes008:

we walked a long the quay side until it came to an end and sat on a barrier by the sea watching the boats.

when we walked back through the harbour there were 4 seals there now. it was incredible!

stay there, more to follow shortly!