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I'm looking for opinions.

I'm trying to plan a trip for myself and my parents (along with maybe a few other family members). I am mainly trying to decide on a hotel for my parents and I. I think that the Epcot/DHS hotels are fantastic. They always say it's location, location, location, and well, I believe that.

I've stayed at the Dolphin, but none of the others in that area. What's everyone's opinion on the hotels in the Epcot/DHS area?
Gosh, great question!

So many great choices all very individual. I've had many a debate with people over these ;-)

Dolphin brilliant... love the "normal" hotel in the middle of disney feel although its not as disney as a disney hotel. Love the 24hr shop/food place
swan smaller but I preferred the dolphin personally

boardwalk - weird ;/ great views sometimes but noisy and kinda weird :/
yacht club - expensive and I wanted to like it but we just didn't. Our room was just up the stairs as you walk in and so every day we just walked out and didnt really feel there was much actual hotel. Dark, our room overlooked, well, nothing much. Perhaps if we'd had a better view? wouldnt do again
beach club - closer to epcot and we're trying it for the first time this year