I can't believe that I have finally settled on a date to return to Disney. I have not been a several years...and my parents have only been once. This trip (see timer below) is for my parents and I. By the time we go I will not have seen my parents for over 2 years. It's really a dream vacation. We'll be there for the Food and Wine Festival and Halloween stuff (I think). We are staying at the Beach Club! My parents wanted to take me to Disney for my graduation gift, but it's all so expensive, so I told them I would buy the rooms (two rooms at the Club), if they wanted to buy tickets and food. They are not happy about me paying, but I couldn't ask them to pay for 2 rooms at the Beach Club. My dad asked, "Well, how much does it cost?" I replied, "Don't ask, I got it." :D The less they know the better. However, on a great positive note we are getting the military discount as my dad is a Retired Marine. We are staying Sept 14th through the 21st (Saturday to a Saturday).

I want to thank Johnie for hooking me up.

I'm super excited!