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Thread: Interview the person below you

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    Yes, I think so. Some kind anyway. Perhaps social service, not always military, eh?

    Should the social supports currently in place to help people who do not work, be revised?

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    Quote Originally Posted by claire
    Should some kind of National Service be made compulsory?
    I'm going to post this from a US view and say yes, bring back the draft.

    Whoops looks like Tink types faster than I do.

    What one country would you most like to visit that you have never visited yet?

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    Can I cheat and say the UK instead of having to choose just one?

    What language that you cannot speak now, would you like to be fluent in?

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    French. Then I could enjoy conversations with Poppy!

    Do you prefer phone, email or a traditional letter?

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    I prefer traditional letter, but recognize that they are a real gift anymore. So, phone or email, depending upon who it is I am communicating with.

    Does the amount of information that we are bombarded with daily amaze you or invigorate you?

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    Scares me.

    What is your favourite item of clothing you possess?

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    Don't necessarily have a favorite.

    Do you like scrapbooks, or do you prefer photos kept on disc?

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    scrapbook (I have ridden a tandem and bliddy hard it was too at the front to steer and at the back it was also weird because I tried to turn and couldn't lol)

    Ahem back on topic.... should we have euthanasia?

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    Eeeesh. I don't honestly know. Something about the concept makes me very nervous. It feels too close to controlling the sorts of people we allow to live. On the other hand, I can completely understand why someone would want to end their extreme suffering.

    (You ask good questions).

    What would be your first thought if you were told you were carrying sextuplets?

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    This one touches home for me right now and at a very real level...and the answer is, I don't know...probably "Are all of them healthy?"

    Do you have any superstitions?

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