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Thread: Best suitcases?

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    What do you all use? I had some small ones last time but we ended up buying more when we were there.

    The hard ones look like they would protect souveniers better but perhaps add weight

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    I've had several different kinds (manufacturer wise) but the most recent I purchased was a Tumi brand. Must say I love it. Sturdy doesn't say it by half. It's life time waranteed also. Plus, if you register the piece online and it ever goes missing it can be traced back to you by the online database.

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    I recall seeing a programme on the tv ages ago where they put several types of suitcases through their paces for durability etc.
    They stated that the hard rigid type [Samsonite for example] stood up to the vigours of the baggage handlers better than most. Also when they were dropped from a dizzy height, they didn`t burst open unlike some of the others.

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    Yep, Samsonite has a long standing reputation for being one of the most durable names in luggage (the hard style). I've always felt that you can't quite "stuff" a hard case as much as you can a soft bag.

    On the other hand, I've had my soft bags get wet in baggage hold and ended up with wet clothing as a result.

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