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Thread: One resort per month?

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    Let's say you were given the opportunity to stay at WDW once per month. (Oh, say a three day stay).

    Which 12 resorts would you pick (and yes, each month needs to be a different resort) and why would you chose that particular resort?

    Would you consider the months of the year, and the events that would be going on in that given month when you make your choices, or would you just pick the resort you like best and go with it?

    So! Tell us. 12 months, which 12 resorts?

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    A good question Tink.

    We are a bit boring though seeing as we own our villa "over there" so naturally we would stay there for most of the time.
    That said we do enjoy staying at our Home DVC resort [OKW] were we to visit with friends in order to be located in the heart of the "magic" and we would stay there at anytime.
    The GF is really the only other resort that we tend to stay at and given the choice, staying there over the festive season is our favourite time of the year to marvel at the decorations and gingerbread house etc., not to mention the roasted chestnuts given out at the entrance to the lobby!

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    January- carribean beach for a spot of winter sun
    February- POFQ for Mardi Gras
    March- disneys art of animation as we go into spring
    April- POR for Easter- I'm presuming they have azaleas there
    May- Coronado for Cinco de Mayo
    June- grand Floridian for my birthday
    July- beach club for 4th July
    August- lets try the boardwalk
    September- animal kingdom lodge
    October- yacht club for food and wine festival
    November- fort wilderness for Halloween
    December- wilderness lodge as I think this is the most Christmassy

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    Oooh, Brit I do like your choices!! (I'm still trying to decide)! I do like the way you paired up the resort with the months and with what was going on at WDW. You should be a holiday planner!

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    Yep, Slowhand.

    However, putting aside your usual way of doing things, how would you arrange your monthly visit to WDW?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 299237
    You should be a holiday planner!

    But I am! :wink: I would particularly like to go back to POFQ in Feb

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    Well said, Brit!

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    Hmmm... This took some serious consideration!

    January- Wilderness Lodge (I've heard really good things about this place)
    February- Port Orleans French Quarter (always wanted to stay here...and of course Mardi Gras would be the best here)
    March- Old Key West Resort (I don't know much about this one...but it's pretty)
    April-Animal Kingdom Villas - Jambo House (it seems like April would be a really good time to see the animals)
    May- Art of Animation - Finding Nemo or Lion King wing (since I will already be staying at Little Mermaid this October)
    June- Polynesian (because the Hawaiian theme would fit really well with this time of year and I'd definitely be in the mood for a luau )
    July-Caribbean Beach Resort (with a pirate room!)
    August-The Dolphin (my DH and my anniversary is in August, and the Dolphin would be sort of upscale and romantic)
    September-Contemporary (because my birthday is in September and I have so many fond memories of Contemporary)
    October-All-Star Movies (because I've always been curious about it, and if I stayed in a value resort I'd have money leftover to get one of those awesome in-room Halloween packages )
    November-Port Orleans Riverside (in a Royal Guest Room -- have you seen these things??? they're BEAUTIFUL)
    December-Grand Floridian (because they decorate BEAUTIFULLY at Christmas, & I love the gingerbread )

    Some of these were tough, because I would more than likely find about 5 places that I love and stick with those places, rather than try 12 different ones! But I suppose, if money were no object...

    There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island. -- Walter Elias Disney

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    Oh dear Tink this is a difficult for me as I have only ever stayed onsite once.

    I'll have a go though Some I would go because of a reason and others, just because I can

    January - Art of animation - Finding Nemo room

    February - Coronado Springs

    March - AKL - not too warm for the animals

    April - Yacht Club - Close to Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival

    May - Vero Beach - some peace and quiet away from the beach

    June - POFQ - I've alwys wanted to see what everyone likes so much

    July - Alunai for my birthday and because I love Hawaii

    August - OKW

    September - Contemporary in Bay Lake Towers in Keith's Castle view room so I could walk back to the resort after MNSSHP

    October - Beach Club - Food and Wine Festival

    November - Wilderness Lodge

    December - Grand Floridian because I think it is magical at Christmas.

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    I know it is hard! I'm still trying to decide, if you can believe that or not!

    I have my favorites, and it's really hard to pull away from those particular places.

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