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    What is the situation with regard to tipping while on a disney cruise?

    I think I read somewhere that the tips are already included and you pay a set amount.

    If thats the case then I am not happy with this, it looks like we will eat more the self service buffets than the sit down restuarants.

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    No. They're not included with the exception of bar, beverage, wine, or deck service. For everything else, Disney has set amounts they recommend but the actual amount is totally up to you. See this FAQ page for more specifics.

    Tom (... self-appointed Assistant Cruise Director. )

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    Thanks Tom, you're a mind of knowledge

    Not sure where I read that then, pleased to know its not automatically added and you have to ask to remove it.

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    Just to avoid any confusion here.
    Up until fairly recently DCL used to deliver some [4] envelopes to your stateroom towards the end of your cruise and you had to either insert any tips in cash, or alternatively make a visit to the on board Guest Sevices desk to charge the tips to your on board account whereby you were given receipt slips which you placed in the envelopes before handing them out on the last night of your cruise.

    Nowadays, unless you make it clear at check in of another arrangement that you prefer, the recommended tips are automatically taken out of your on board account.

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    That's what I was thinking of, so I'll make sure I go to the desk to sort it all out then. Thanks for that

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