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Thread: locarb at disney

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    is it even possible to eat lo carb at disney?

    ive been trying to do this at home as well as the wii fit and it is working but how ill get on at disney i dont know

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    it's going to be a challenge with all those yummy carbs around but if you stick to meat and salad and save your indiscretions for yummy stuff!!

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    Im not up on low carb stuff, but I do know that pop century had low-carb sandwiches last time we were there. Not sure thats a great help but still

    Ruby Tuesdays an offsite restaurant used to have a whole low carb menu when it was "in fashion" but they seem to have stopped it since

    I guess you can try to stay a bit low carb by carefully selecting? I understand that after the first month or so you can be a little more free with having SOME carbs?

    Im sure Tink and the others will know more than I do about it though
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    Table service probably would be easier than counter service. You can contact WDW restaurants a week or so prior to your ADRs and discuss dietary needs with them. There also are a few more options--but may be more expensive than items on the menu.

    Counter service you pretty much have to live with what is there and adjust it to suit your needs--particularly in the parks. Several places do offer salads, and you can always purchase a hamburger and not eat the bun. There also are options to fries, but most do contain glucose, which is a carb. The options tend to be carrot sticks or grapes.

    I found the food court at Pop Century to be pretty decent for various dietary options. I don't follow a low or no carb diet, just monitor my intake so that it's in proportion to my exercise. And at WDW, exercise usually isn't an issue! I tend to drop 10 lbs or so each visit.

    Now, if those pounds would just stay off!

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    How low carb are you talking? That will drive some of your choices, of course.

    If you omit all bread and pasta, and high starch vegetables (like white potatoes, corn, carrots, peas...) you can then select from what is still a wide variety of foods at both table service and counter service.

    I've not ever had a problem at at full service restaurant aksing for modifications to the dishes that appear on the menu. They are always willing to withhold a sauce, prepare something grilled or steamed or broiled instead of fried, breaded etc.

    Counter service places will not be able to be so helpful in altering their choices so you'll have to do the altering. Ordering a burger without the bun for example, or choosing the salad with chicken and no dressing.

    I carry individual packets of low carb salad dressing with me. I think they are made by Kraft. They are premeasured of course, very portable and come in very handy when I order a plain salad.

    You can also go offsite to a grocery shop and choose things that you can have and carry them in the parks with you. That presumes a couple of factors though. Transport, refrigeration to keep the food cold, and a small portable cooler with ice pack to carry the food.

    Does any of that help?

    OH! Several places have sugar free, or no sugar added ice cream. The place on Main St. in the MK has a LOVELY no sugar added ice cream. Not necessarily too low carb, but moreso than regular ice cream.

    The Boardwalk Bakery used to have an individual size sugar free cheesecake. Not sure if they still do as I've not been in there in awhile, but worth checking.

    There is fresh fruit available in nearly all parks too. Better choice than a calorie carb/fat laden dessert eh?

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