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Thread: ~*~Happy Birthday wdwgrandma~*~

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    Well, nothing like being a little bit late, although I've already wished her a Happy Birthday this AM.
    Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Wife

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    i live in ohio
    happy bday i hope is was awsome !

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    It was very nice thanks! My mantle is covered with cards!

    John took me out for a lovely Italian dinner. Today we will celebrate Nathanael's 7th birthday, which was yesterday too. He is having a pizza party with decorate your own cupcakes. Later we will all go out for Korean.

    As you may know, John will also be celebrating a milestone birthday in March. So we will be going to WDW in February to jointly celebrate. We will be staying at SoG for the first time! And we will be having dinner at Be Our Guest our last night! I am so excited!!
    (aka wdwgrandma)

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    Happy Birthday! Hope your new year is jam packed full of only good things!

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