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Thread: Epcot's World Showcase Souvenirs

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    Do you have any souvenirs from each Country in World Showcase at Epcot? If so do you buy something every time you visit or are they from your first visit.

    I have a silk picture from China and an ornament from Japan and Germany. I bought these in 1995 during our first trip. Over the years I have bought a Christmas decoration from each country but I think the quality has gone downhill now so I don't tend to buy anything.

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    We have from most, xmas ornaments

    We started the tradition on our honeymoon to brong back xmas ornaments from wherever we visited.

    We brong back a lot of Disney ornaments and managed to get traditional ornaments from the Norway and Germany pavillions

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    I used to find things in nearly every country that I liked, but unfortunately I didn't buy them "then." Now things have changed up quite a bit and the offerings aren't nearly as diverse and nice as they once were.

    We don't have a lot from the World Showcase. A few pretty things here and there.

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    Well, not a lot but last trip I got a pair of cool Christmas ornaments from Canada featuring moose. We kept on (Moose holding a sign that said "Merry Christmas 'eh?"

    The one I gave my brother was a moose in a canoe. We are both paddlers so it was fitting.

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    Hmmm I don't think I do. We typically get candy from a few countries. The souvenir is hanging around my hips lol

    I have the most adorable little stuffed moose from Canada. He is wearing a mounty hat

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