Hi Guys,

As you are all aware, my Dad ukwdwnut, was patiently waiting for his lung transplant but unfortunately, He never got it in time to save his life.

I am spreading awareness of a new petition from HM Government that instead of joining the organ donor list, you are automatically added and have the choice to opt out.

On average, 3 people die every day waiting for an organ to be donated.
The majority of Britons support organ donation and want to donate and yet a mere 29% of us are on the register.
By switching to an opt-out system, we can eliminate a large cause of the organ shortage: human inertia. We can save money by eliminating the need for marketing campaigns to stir us into action.
If a citizen feels strongly enough, he or she could simply remove himself from the database. Should they fail to do so, then at least our innate inertia might lead to some good.

I would be so grateful if anyone who feels strongly or agrees with the above, could sign the petition through the link below.

It could save lives and the organ donor waiting list will be so much shorter and people like my lovely Dad will have a much better chance at having their life saving transplant.

Thank you for reading,

Lots of love Lauren