Re: Disney CEO Bob Iger Receives Letter from Congress at MyMagic+

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It's not that much more information than they get already from me, they can tell which parks and when, what rides due to fastpass, where I eat, what I spend my money on by using my room key. I don't feel violated
..and to be honest, if it DOES end up with them delivering better information to me then great.

No point marketing kiddie stuff to me but if as I'm walking by a shop my phone beeps and says "hey Keith from the UK you like the haunted mansion and we have great new pins" fantastic. Better that than send me info about kids stuff.

What if it discovers how many of us have left Disney Dining and go off site to eat? Perhaps they'll have a think about things and make some changes I remember the story about them doing a survey on people leaving Disney and they found out how many were going offsite to play mini-golf. Winter/summerland were there within a year.