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Thread: Magic Kingdom for 5 Hours

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    What would you do at the Magic Kingdom if you could only go for 5 hours?

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    OK, Im prepared for the backlash here - I dont even last 5 hrs at MK as it is my least favourite park. Am I going to get thrown off here for being sos sacrilegious? I get in there, do Philharmagic, POTC, Splash Mountain, and maybe Space Mountain as well. I usually have a QS lunch at CHH and am gone. I would go as far as to say I dont like the park (sorry). I do return for a second visit during our stay but honestly my youngest two like it even less than me and are always wanting to leave. I dont think there is anyone could get me to like it. I have thought long and hard about why this might be and part of it is, I dont really like the princess stuff or the childrens' rides. Even when my two went aged 6 and 8 they couldnt get out of there fast enough as they only like the adrenalin inducing rides,. Another problem is it always seems to be packed and I am extremely claustrophobic, so that is a problem. I do remember thinking one day when we stayed to 2pm, 'that was quite enjoyable' but Im sure that was because it wasnt busy. Having said all that, I totally get the appeal of MK to others. I must be a Bah Humbug sort of person.


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    LOL. I LOVE you Mags!!

    My first thought was, "you are going to make me stay in MK for FIVE hours?!" LOL.

    Well, if it were a special day, or with special people, I could maybe suffer through it.

    I do like MK, it's just the guest experience there seems fairly problematic (meaning interactions with other guests). We've encountered more unpleasantness there and on the trams for MK than any where else in all of WDW. We've gotten so we avoid it like the plague at the holiday season as that is when we've run into the most problems.

    So, caveat over here is what we'd do.

    Stroll Main St. I still like the view and general atmosphere. Head to Pirates, and then Splash and then Big Thunder Mountain. We'd go have a good nosey at the new Fantasyland, of course.

    We'd take in IASW, and the People Mover (or whatever it's called now). Wander here and wander there.

    Oh, and then Haunted Mansion. Herself might get a haircut, if the place isn't too crowded...

    Maybe go to Tony's for lunch. We had a very nice lunch there one of the last times we were over...

    I think that might take up five hours. If not we'd take a monorail to one of the resorts have a drink and then go back to the MK.

    I don't know what it is about that park that seems to bring out the "me first" in people. You'd think that everyone would be just so happy that they were there! It's a park for all ages!

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    I understand what you are saying! I love MK but I would also love to have an adults only evening there. Or a no stroller night. Not going to happen but I can dream right?

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    I love MK too but I'm not sure we've been there for more than 5 hours in the last few years!

    We get there, walk along main street, over to buzz lightyear, the wonderful TTA, Carousel of progress if it's open, across to philharmagic, then back to the haunted mansion.

    We'll add in the jungle cruise, again if its open, and even the tiki room.

    Then it's a bite to eat at my fave Cosmic Rays or if not Tonys (which has gotten a lot better in recent times)

    So to be perfectly honest, 5 hours is easily long enough for our average visit
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