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Thread: Which Ride or Rides Would you like to be Stuck on

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    Ok I love pretty much every ride but if i had to narrow it down a bit......would love to be stuck on Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion, The Great Movie Ride and the one that im sure alot of you will let out a groan (lol) The Carosel of Progress!

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    The Pirates ooh arrrgh... but saying that I have been stuck on it and I enjoyed it. I like the atmosphere and it gave me time to have a good look at the scenes... we were *lucky* enough to get stuck just before the bridge. Where all the *action* is.

    I have been stuck on Peter Pan, The Haunted Mansion which was a nightmare, because we got stuck right at the part where the bride is screaming If only we could have shut her up. And we got stuck on IASW once. Again I had a good look around.
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