Here some few questions about cafe Mickey

1. I seen photos on flicker of the stairs that take the guests that eat at cafe mickey to the upstairs part of cafe mickey will I be able to take the photo of the stairs even though both me and my mum be eating downstairs part of cafe mickey.

2. One video on youtube shows mickey dancing on a table with the guests who having dinner there. Also on another video it shows on the floor with guests . Will I be able to dance on the table with mickey on one of the nights I be there and if the characters dance during lunch will I be able dance with them on the floor during my visit on march 21st to 25th 2013.

3. On youtube on the wall it shows an widescreen television is it still there and if it is what do the show on the television.

4. On flicker it shows sign of cafe mickey can tell my witch part is this sign.

5. Do the characters still do the freedom dance or have stop doing that.

Please can any of you answer my question ASAP because I going to Disneyland Paris in march 21st to 25th 2013 and am despperate to know if any of these things on my question stll at/happing in cafe mickey.