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Thread: How Would you Refurb each Park at Walt Disney World

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    This is a bit of a dream question, but if you were an Imagineer and had been given permission to construct plans for each park in Walt Disney World, what would you do to enhance the park.

    You have an unlimited budget

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    I'll start off with my favourite park, HS. I think like many others I would like to see the Great Movie Ride and the Backlot Tour updated. I would love to have one more thrill ride as well. The eating options need sorted too. I would love to see Starring Rolls having a covered section and Writer's Stop expanded. Better QS options are needed too. If there were room for a Pirates' Character meal venue I would like one in HS as well.

    Epcot - I quite like Epcot the way it is but if I were to make any changes I think Universe of Energy would have to go and be replaced with something far more educational and entertaining. Maybe Captain Eo could take a hike as well.

    AK - This is a park I like a lot. I did not enjoy the Tarzan Show but to be honest the Finding Nemo show is worse. Im sure that the imagineers could do better than that. Again I could do with some more covered QS eating spots

    MK - Im definitely not qualified to mess around with MK as I spend so little time in it, but I would have to remove that torture chamber full of dolls. That would make me very happy.


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    AK... wider walkways, more rest areas and benches
    HS... better dining options, character meals, and make it easier to get to Toy Story Mania, at the moment its just a bit too tricky! Again,more benches

    Epcot... Future World needs to start looking like the future again
    MK.... NOTHING... I think the New Fantasyland willbe more than enough!

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    I would agree with all that is said above. All sound ideas.

    I like the way there are two types of shows at Great Movie Ride (cowboy and gangster) but it would be cool to have multiple choices. The use of animatronics is always cool but I think with technology getting better it could be turned into CG - holographic scenes that could be changed on a dime...perhaps a guest interface to alter the program. That might be cool.

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