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Thread: Epcot EMH This Morning

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    Wow, it's a hot one today, over 80 :)

    We were in Epcot by 8.05am this morning. Our normal plan is Simon goes right for Soarin fast passes and meets me at Test Track for a ride. Unfortunately TT was down most of the morning so we didn't get to ride :(

    We did however ride Soarin, Living with the Land, Figment, Nemo and Spaceship Earth. Of course we had to have the obligatory browse around Mousegear too :)

    Only a few photos this morning as we had friends with us. Tonight we're of to Magic Kingdom for Wishes so will post those later :)









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    Very happy you shared the morning. Gosh I love the Land...why I am not sure...but do.

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    Lovely pics!!

    thank you!!

    Enjoy the rest of your day and Wishes!!!!

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    Thank you for sharing the pictures, they are lovely. I'm so glad the weather is nice for you.

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    Beautiful photos

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    Nice, nice, nice!!! We really like the land, too. Love seeing the Mickey shaped vegetables, and those huge lemons!

    Welcome to our new home! It's a lovely and friendly place. If you haven't joined yet, do register. It's a great place to make friends and share all those Disney secrets!!

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