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Thread: Epcot's IllumiNations Marks its 25th Anniversary

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    Today marks a special milestone in Epcot history: the 25th anniversary of “IllumiNations.”


    The 12-minute, three-part show takes place on World Showcase Lagoon and tells the history of our planet through music, fireworks, lighted torches, and more.

    The nighttime show originally debuted at the park January 30, 1988, as a replacement for “Laserphonic Fantasy.” Over the years, two special versions of the show have been created. “IllumiNations 24” debuted for the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort in 1996, while “IllumiNations 2000: Reflections of Earth” launched in 1999 in honor of the upcoming millenium celebration. The most current version of the show, which can be seen at the park nightly, is “Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.”

    What are your favourite aspects and moments of the show.
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    It's my favourite night time show, my favourite bit is at almost exactly 9 mins it goes dah dah daaaaaaaaaah, it's a big crescendo and it makes me go all wobbly. Oh and the shhhhhhh at the beginning when they blow out the lights and the white rockets all going to the centre from around the world showcase lagoon.

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    wow!! 25th anniversary!!

    Wonder if they plan to do a special version this year

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    My favourite show wonder if they will do anything special

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    Illuminations is my favourite show. Wow, I just love it. My favourite bit is about 6 1/2 minutes in where the music speeds up and there are lots of spurts of fireworks. I love the last minute as well before 'We go On'.


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