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Thread: seaworld and disney ticket refunds :(

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    Im still waiting after 6 months for refunds from both disney and seaworld. Each of them took twice for a ticket sale I made over the phone. Both of them promises every time I call that they will refund but they never do

    Do either of them have email addresses I can complain to its not that much money but its very annoying

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    I have also been waiting for a refund from SW for over 6 ring, they promise to refund, they don' write to them, they promise to refund, they don't!!!
    I have just this past couple of days sent ANOTHER letter off to SW to ask for my refund.

    You're right, it is annoying. It may not be much money but, it's our money
    Apart from ringing or snail mail, there is an online option to email SW but it goes through an online form on their own site.

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    Write to the Orlando Sentinel and ask them to intervene on your behalf. There is a column there (and I'm really sorry I don't know the person who writes it) that addresses these very things.

    They'll pay attention and refund your money promptly. Wicked bad press, if you know what I mean.

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    Thanks for the idea Tink!

    We've got the same problem

    We phoned in May to book ADRs for December and the woman on the phone was totally ditzy one of those who doesnt seem to know anything :rolleyes008:

    Anyway, we asked her to book HDDR for december, she took all the details, card and everything then said ok thats booked for may 2nd (the day we phoned). We said erm, thats tonight and since we're in england, we dont think we can make it!

    She sighed and said ok yes thats cancelled now.

    So we booked the rest. You guessed it, credit card statement arrives with the incorrect booking on it. We phoned disney who said well theres a cancellation policy in effect. YEAH but look at the dates etc. Finally they accepted it and said ok well it wasnt cancelled but we'll refund it.

    Next months credit card statement, no refund, called again. Told it was put through but sometimes takes 2 months!

    Phoned credit card company who said no way unless it's 2 months internally to disney before they put it through which is against the rules.

    Phoned disney who said they'd put it through that day.


    I'm sure they just think people will forget about it. Wonder how much they pocket through incorrect charges every year
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    Get in touch with the Sentinel. I think especially if all three of you did at once, that would yeild some really fast results.

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