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Thread: Do You Like or Dislike Spaceship Earth

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    I love it! Each version has brought something interesting to the attraction.

    As John mentioned, we do it at least twice every trip.
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    We always do this ride although we leave it until we are just about to leave the park because it seems like everyone makes a bee-line for it as soon as they enter Epcot and I have seen some huge lines.
    Later in the day it is usually a walk on ride.

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    Hope no one stones me for this...I've never done it! I think for a long time, I had it in my head that Spaceship Earth and Mission to Space or whatever were the same thing, and I never went on it because I thought it would be a thrill ride that I couldn't handle! Now that I know better I'm looking forward to finally giving it a shot on my next trip.

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    We ride it a couple of times each trip, usually on the way in the park and on our way out. I once told my kids years ago that the lady with the Afro and leather boots is my ex-girlfriend and of course each time we go on the ride my daughter points her out and says "there goes your girlfriend"

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    Love it! It's the iconic Epcot ride we never go without riding. We always hit it when there's no line and we just walk right on. We ride it over and over and change our answers to get a different video at the end. I really like that touch. Plus, on a hot day it's a great place to cool down.

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    Another vote for spaceship earth. We quite like it as it am opportunity to rest and spot things that we have not noticed before!

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    The older versions were better I miss Walter Cronkite

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    We really enjoy it and ride it every trip. I too love the older version but it is still cool.

    It is sort of weird, but if you live long enough, the "city of the tomorrow" becomes the city of the present. When I went there for the first time in the 1980's the inventions and innovations were astounding, now they are common place.

    Really liked the way you could get reservations back in the old days via the closed circuit TV.

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