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Thread: Lunch and Dinner at a Walt Disney World Park

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    Imagine you could go to one of the parks for a day, you could only eat in that park and no-where else.

    Which Park would you choose and where would you eat?

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    Well, since we generally consider DHS and AK as 1/2 day parks that sort of eliminates them as choices. If we went to MK then we would probably do Casey's for lunch and either BOG (gotta try it first), Tony's or LTT.

    If we went to EPCOT then lunch would probably be either Tangierine Cafe or Sommerfest. Dinner would be a tough choice here. Depending on our experience with Monsieur Paul we may try there.

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    Such a tough decision! I could easily do it for HS, MK, or Epcot. But it would probably be more between Epcot and MK.

    For MK, I'd do Liberty Tree for lunch (I love their food so so much) and BoG or CRT for dinner. It's been a while since I've been to Cinderella's and I'd love to go there again, and I'm sure BoG will be wonderful.

    For Epcot, we'd probably do Nine Dragons, Teppan Edo, or Tutto Italia. And whichever we didn't do for lunch we'd do for dinner.

    Can't really narrow it down any more than that! Such hard decisions! lol

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    for the food?

    Definitely Epcot!

    So many choices!!!!

    a margarita at Mexico and some nachos, and then just any restaurant in the world showcase, I would like to eventually eat at all

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