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Thread: How to Apply for an International Driving Permit

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    The law in Florida changed beginning 1st January 2013 and now any person that is going to drive a car will need to have a valid International Driving Permit (IDP). This is in addition to your photo id Driving Licence and both will need to be carried with you at all times. The IDP is valid for 12 months.

    You can pick up an International Driving Permit Application Form (1949 IDP for USA) at a main Post Office locations can be found here

    Personal applications for IDPs can be made at selected Post Office branch offices. You must apply in person - third party applications will not be accepted. When you complete the form make sure that you use the correct dates (you can apply up to 3 months before you want to start using your permit) you will then need to take the following documents to the Post Office:

    • A completed application form

    • Your full UK Driving Licence

    • A Passport sized photo (45-55mm high x 35-40mm wide) on photographic paper signed by you on the back and showing full face against a light background

    • Proof of your identity (information here)

    • Payment of 5.50

    The counter staff will then give you a receipt for your payment.

    You can also apply online for an IDP from either the RAC or the AA

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    Do we still need one of these for Florida or not? I'd rather be safe if it's a maybe ? thx

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    We didn't have one

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    You don't need one - the law was repealed by red-faced politicians.

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