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Thread: Virgin, Seat booking page open at 91 days but fails to save.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith, post: 302692
    agreed :/ seems REALLY stupid.. I'm still hoping it's not true but it's looking more and more like it is

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    When i first looked at the seats on Saturday, 90+ days there were only 8 out of 20 PE available. The following day neither i or any other member of our 10 person party could log in and get the changes to save so we called Virgin. They stated now only 4 available as 12 are held till online checkin. However, it was mentioned that VH customers get priority upstairs which we argued about as we have paid 9000 to VA and and we couldn't find any mention on the VA website about such priority for VH customers. They maintained both cabins have the same benefits, but they failed to explain why then that it is advertised as a benefi for VH customers if it's all the same.

    Seat prebooking seems to be a complete mess they did state there is a technical issue with the website and they are frequently inundated with phone calls to book seats since the new limited system was introduced.

    Virgin have long been considered by many to be the best choice for Orlando flights but i feel over the past five years or so they have taken this for granted and been well over taken by other airlines now predominatly for customer service, rather than actual flight qulaity. Not to mention Gatwick Orlando routes are always late.

    Virgin striving to be just ordinary!!

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    Id love to disagree but I cant :/
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