OK here we go again.

So it's Tuesday and we're up early again. Turned down the carb fest on offer for breakfast and had cereal and a banana. A lot of faffing around waiting for people to sort themselves out and eventually we're ready to take the dogs out for their morning walk. Passed a field and look - can you see the deer?

After a while everyone peeled off and headed for home but Adrian and myself carried on for a bit with Willow. Nice to have a bit of peace.

Willow went for a paddle.

But then she got out of her depth and had to be rescued.

Eventually we could walk the dog no further so went back home where Steven was putting the inlaws to work with the Lego. We left strict instructions with him to make sure that they gave him a proper lunch and then Adrian and myself zipped off to Okehampton again for a look around the shops.

Spent quite a while there. Found a couple of used book shops and had a good browse. I love a bookshop as much as the next person but when you have a small boy and a dog with you it makes browsing tricky. Anyway there's one shop there that was awesome. Two floors totally stacked with old books. Everywhere you looked there were books. Adrian and myself were crawling round the top floor on our hands and knees to get to the books on the bottom shelf. We were in there so long I had to sit on the floor and have a rest as my back was aching so much. We bought 3 books each.

Now it was raining and time for lunch so we went back to the place with the giant roast dinners but just had a light lunch this time. I had a baked potato with cheese and beans. Then we went into the bakers next door and bought cake for dessert. Adrian ate his straight away but I was saving my piece of carrot cake until we got home. I carried it around the rest of the shops and put it carefully in the car while we nipped into Lidls for some of their awesome Swiss chocklit.

Then I held my piece of cake while Adrian drove home but we decided it was too early to get back and just sit in front of the TV so we took a few random turnings and ended up going through tiny villages with teeny weeny roads and all the while I'm holding my precious carrot cake.

Eventually we couldn't put it off much longer so we hit the road for home. We had to stop at the local farm shop to buy some proper sossidges for dinner and then we went to check on our boy and dog. They both appear to have survived unscathed but father in law was worn out through too much Lego-ing and had to go and have a lie down.

Steven assured us he had been given some salad items for lunch and I finally sit at the kitchen table with my special piece of cake that I completely omitted to take a photo of.

The dogs were walked again and then Adrian cooked sossidges, mashed potato, carrots and broccoli for dinner. The boy was put to bed and then you know the rest. It's soap operas and banal sensationalist documentaries.

I have to give up around 9pm. As we left our lunchtime cafe I had a vague feeling of a headache developing. By 9pm it was so painful that everytime I moved my head it throbbed like crazy. Of course knowing we would be staying in the middle of nowhere I had packed a full paediatric medical kit but no adult medicine. Anyway I went to bed and laid perfectly still and prayed it would be gone by tomorrow. We had special plans.