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Thread: Saratoga Springs Resort, here we come!

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    Don't let the real world crowd in on you sister Tink. Enjoy your visit!

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    I'm glad it's finally time for you to go

    I really hope they can manage without you this weekend, I know you can't turn your phone off, but hopefully they will leave you alone.

    If by chance you take a wander around the Flower and Gardens Festival, Herself can take some lovely pictures of the toparies and flowers only if she feels like it though

    Have a wonderful time both of you

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    I hope you have a wonderful relaxing time!

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    Well, we made it here. Finally. It took me two hours and 45 minutes to drive home from work. It was a HORRIBLE ride. That's what I get for leaving early. Got caught in a back up from an accident on I4.

    Herself had everything ready when I arrived home so it was a quick load and go. We checked in somewhere around 7:30 or so. Absolutely painless and quick. The young woman at the desk was very kind and answered my few questions. The spa is closed. We can use the spa at the GF if we want.

    We chose a "deluxe studio" this time around and it's very serviceable and very nice. We'll be sticking with one bedrooms from here on out though. The smaller bed in the studio is not the best idea for us (we have a king, so adapting to smaller beds is a problem). Right now I'm using the pullout just to give some space between me and the sleeping Herself. I must say THANK HEAVEN I did not have to sleep on this thing! It's a ROCK. Seriously. I don't think a child would have a good night's rest on it either.

    The studio overlooks a lovely little area of water with a fountain. I've heard some early risers going by, but nothing too disruptive. We are on the second floor.

    We ended up at Olive Garden for dinner last night. I was exhausted and just didn't want to deal with the Disney frenzy of trying to find a place to eat. We did look at the Turf Room and there would have been no problem what so ever getting in there, but nothing on the menu appealed to me. I was in one of those "moods." We did have a pre-dinner drink there though.

    Olive Garden was fine for what it is but I was really surprised to see the huge changes to the menu. I can't say I'm happy with it, but I'm not a regular so I'm not shattered. I chose the lobster and shrimp cannelloni and it wasn't too bad at all, however the sauce was overly done. Herself had cheese ravioli and said it was fine. The boy had spaghetti and meatballs but was unimpressed. Said it's nothing like yours. Do I have to finish it? (He was with us until his Da got off work and came for him. They are having a fun weekend of it themselves going to LegoLand (the Da was more excited) and having a "no old women to boss us around" weekend ). We didn't have dessert as none of us could finish our dinners as it was.

    We returned to the studio, and just lazed around until the boy's Da arrived for him. He had to carry the now 60 pound child to the car as he was completely asleep. Poor little buggie.

    At any rate, that's it for the first day. We didn't get photos of the studio before we messed it up so we'll see how it goes.

    Herself does have "the big camera" with her so we'll see if we can get some shots that she'll allow me to share. Beyond fussy is that woman.

    Will try to keep you updated as we go through the weekend.

    OH!!! Herself has some new Disney app on her phone and was able to make us an ADR for the new French restaurant! We'll be having dinner at M'sieu Paul's on Sunday evening.

    Take care now and enjoy your weekend.

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    Tink, I hope your dinner at Monsieur Paul is as good as ours was.

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    Thanks, John! I do too.

    We lazed away the morning and headed to MK after a bit. Took the bus there. It was flipping MOBBED!!! We used the gates with the new entry system which does not work with our old paper APs. They were Disney sweet though and had us walk through where another CM scanned our cards with a hand held device instead of making us walk to the other gates.

    We poked here and there. The Main St. Bakery is still closed and Casey's has a false front up (but is open for business). Splash is closed...

    We went over to the new land and hooooooeeee was it busy. The line for the Be Our Guest restaurant was out and down along the fencing for quite a ways. Needless to say we didn't try to venture in for a look see. Same with the Tavern. Line out the door. Another time...

    70 minute wait for Dumbo. We took the train back to the front.

    Didn't really do anything other than walk around and poke here and there. We decided on the spur of the moment to take the boat to Wilderness Lodge and had lunch at Whispering Canyon. I had fish and chips (cod) which was quite nice. Herself had the pulled pork that was nice enough but too sweet for me. We had a leisurely lunch and then poked around the little shop there on our way to the busses. I bought some hair braids for Gay Day (rainbow colors). It will be fun.

    They've changed the bus stops. They are no longer completely undercover which can't be too much fun in the summer rain, but today was no problem. We bussed back to MK and then switched to a bus for SSR. We are here now, lazing about pretending to nap (mostly resting my poor old feet). Not sure where we are headed next but maybe Raglan Road to check out the early St. Patrick's day events...

    No plans for dinner, but I'll keep you posted!

    Oh, Herself did have the camera today in the MK but only had the chance to take a few shot of the Beasts castle. Not sure how they will come out.

    Will touch base later...

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    After taking a break at the studio, we wandered over to DTD. Poked here and there and walked from the Marketplace to the West Side and back. We enjoyed music at Raglan Road. It was wicked busy there, so we didn't even try to get a drink at any of the four bars, but did really like the bands.

    There was music at Paradiso too. Another group at Splitsville and another singer at HoB! Quite the musical place. The living statues were on PI in front of the old Adventurer's Club. They were all in green... kind of weird. Not as playful as they used to be.

    We looked at the menu for Portobello, but the wait was over an hour so we decided to move on. Fulton's was crazy busy too.

    We ended up taking the bus back to SSR and buying some beef on a weck sandwiches in the food court and coming back to the studio.

    We'll ease into tomorrow morning and then head to EPCOT. Looking forward to seeing the Flower and Garden Show.

    By all text reports the boys had a great day at Lego Land...

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    How come they've changed the bus stops then? Seems a bit odd to take away the shelter from the sun and rain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith, post: 304375
    eeek! I've never been there but I was told it was a highlight of the resort. Not so much then
    I was really disappointed as I'd been looking forward to it. The food was really bland but the service was absolutely appauling. I'm not fussy really but I do expect a certain standard of food and service and unfortunately this place had neither. I'd like to say I'll give it another go in case it was a one off, but there are so many other places that we love, I doubt it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 304454
    OH!!! Herself has some new Disney app on her phone and was able to make us an ADR for the new French restaurant! We'll be having dinner at M'sieu Paul's on Sunday evening.
    ooo now, REALLY going to be interested in your review
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