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    Have you ever made butter? I have found a source for raw milk and cream, so may be giving butter making a go today. I have a Mickey shaped form used for pancakes, or cutting sandwiches, that sort of thing.

    I'm thinking it would make a good butter mold too!

    Have you ever made your own butter? Can you get raw milk where you live?

    I'm looking for a source for goat's milk. I'd like to try goat's milk butter too. Mickey shaped goat's milk butter!

    Too much fun!

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    I have not made my own butter. But, truly there is nothing better than real butter

    Please share some pictures

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    We want pictures!!!

    I have never made it, but both kids made some in school this year before thanksgiving We used it at the table and they were very proud of themselves

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    I remember as a kid getting butter from our local farm it was great especialy on fresh bread

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    It came out quite nicely, but I didn't shape it like anything other than a ball of butter. Next time I'll give Mickey a go...

    No photos, sorry!

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