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Thread: cheap disney hotel?

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    Hoping for a quick trip this year if we can afford it but looking at the prices for the Polynesian we'd have to win the lottery does walt Disney world in florida have any cheap hotels or must we look at international drive?

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    The price of resort hotels have increased a lot unfortunately The only way to get a cheaper Disney hotel is to stay at one of the Value Resorts. I'm not sure if there are any hotel reductions at the moment, but I could have a look for you.

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    i love the value resorts.... the all star resorts and pop century resorts are great. i stay there most of the time... since i like longer stays (minimum 10 days) and i do not use the resort much except grab a bite to eat, take a shower and grab a few hours of sleep i cant see payind $300+ per night. check out the value resorts...they might surprise you good luck and puts up discounts so keep checking. they post them by dates..usually 1-3 months ahead of time

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