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    what is your favourite poem mine is THE WALROUS AND THE CARPENTER

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    Im going to go 'all cultural' here. It is a poem in French by Paul Verlaine called Chanson D'Automne. It has always has been my favourite poem since my schooldays and even now makes me tingle when I read it.

    Chanson d'automne

    Les sanglots longs
    Des violons
    De l'automne
    Blessent mon coeur
    D'une langueur

    Tout suffocant
    Et blme, quand
    Sonne l'heure,
    Je me souviens
    Des jours anciens
    Et je pleure;

    Et je m'en vais
    Au vent mauvais
    Qui m'emporte
    De , de l,
    Pareil la
    Feuille morte.

    It translates as this:-
    Autumn Song

    Violins complain
    Of autumn again,
    They sob and moan.
    And my heartstrings ache
    Like the song they make,
    A monotone.

    Suffocating, drowned,
    And hollowly, sound
    The midnight chimes.
    Then the days return
    I knew, and I mourn
    For bygone times.

    And I fall and drift
    With the winds that lift
    My heavy grief.
    Here and there they blow,
    And I rise and go
    Like a dead leaf.

    I think it is just beautiful - I bet you didnt think you were going to get a poem like that.My father was an avid reader and loved poetry too, especially that of Robert Service.


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    Well, I surely like most by Robert Burns but I do think my favorites tend to be by William Blake. I like the very old classical poems. I like Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the like.

    I did do some serious reading of Sappho, but have to admit I found most of her work quite confusing.

    Shakespeare's sonnets are beautiful as well.

    And here we are again with Old Tink not being able to pick one of anything.

    Welcome to our new home! It's a lovely and friendly place. If you haven't joined yet, do register. It's a great place to make friends and share all those Disney secrets!!

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