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Thread: HOW MUCH?!!!!

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    $10.50!!! (or was it $10.25??) for a TURKEY LEG??? SINCE WHEN!???

    Sheesh. I nearly croaked. I don't like them, but man that's pretty steep for those things. I remember when they were $4.00 (was it that long ago) and four of us ate ONE! That's when I decided I didn't care for them.

    Along with the really cool red purse that was over $200 in a shop in the MK, I am suffering from Disney sticker shock!!!

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    I guess the Turkey felt it was worth $10

    was the purse made out of recycled seat belts?

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    You realise this isn't good preparation for my September trip Tink? As for those dinosaur legs, I cant get past the awful smell to even think of tasting them. lol


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    Crikey that's a silly price!

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    You know, Brit? I don't know. It was red, and really cool... it could have been made from seatbelts, but they would have had to have been dyed red...

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    I quit eating those turkey legs several years ago although every once in a while I'll see one and want one but I deny myself. While we were down there I too was absolutely shocked by the price when I saw it. Crikey, I can buy the whole bloomin' turkey for that much.

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    Yep noticed the huge price increase on almost everything when we went back on Nov. it's crazy.

    Harvey's seat belt bags. They are awesome. And sturdy. And much cheaper than the Dooney and Bourke ones.

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    Im in shock too!

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    Ouch it is a bit steep! I think they were $6.25 or something 4 years ago

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