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Thread: Best Lunch in a LONG Time!

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    While strolling our way around the World Showcase today (and Herself taking photos of topiaries and board menus ) we decided we'd try having lunch at Via Napoli.

    We walked up to the outdoor podium and asked if he could seat two. He gave us sort of a quirky smile, a little chuckle and said, "Of course," as if walking up and being seated were the most normal thing ever.

    We were seated at a lovely table for two outside, and since the day was perfect we were happy with that. We looked over the menu and then chose to share: Salami and Cheese small plate, Pizza with arugula, prosciutto, melon and cheese. Herself had a small quarter carafe of Chianti and I had a single serving of Prosecco (brut).

    The salami and provolone came garnished with an olive and a small red, seeded pepper. The pepper was spicy, but not hot or unpleasant by any means. The olive had been marinated in herbs and was well, olivey. There were three slices of salami and three goodly cubes of cheese. Not really enough to share, but for us today it was enough to share. The meat was perfectly spiced and had a nice "chew" without being tough, or worse, mushy and fatty. The cheese was perfect. Perfect temperature and a nice, but mild bite. We enjoyed sharing it. Maybe a speck of bread would have been good too, but we were looking at pizza for the main course so didn't miss it.

    We sipped our wine waiting for the pizza and chatted in the sun and breeze. The server kept the water glasses filled too, and the water actually was drinkable.

    The pizza took a little while, but not terribly long. We'd ordered a single and it was definitely enough for two to share. It was, in a word, perfect. Now, if you know me, you know that is flat out amazing for me to say. I am a huge pizza snob and no one, but no one makes it better than I. Except for Via Napoli. It is hands down the best pizza we have ever had in Florida and seriously? Maybe ever. The crust was incredible. Soft, and thin and perfectly cooked with just a touch of wood fired oven char here and there. Nothing overly smokey and nothing tasting of burnt. The combination of flavors was delicious. We raved, and savored and raved some more... we enjoyed every single bite.

    The server made the mistake of bringing the dessert menu to the table and showing us the photos. Needless to say we chose the zeppoli and shared that as well. They too were delicious. Perfectly fried, without a hint of grease and the sweet whipped cream was not overly sugared. It was whipped to perfect consistency, not soft and sloppy and not on "this side of butter." The chocolate sauce had a very nice flavor, as well without being overly sweet. Needless to say, we enjoyed every morsel. Herself was finishing off the chocolate sauce with a spoon!

    I had a cappuccino with dessert and Herself had a Rosa Regale.

    What a lovely and delicious lunch (albeit expensive for us. $94 with tip) that we will look forward to doing again one day. If we had not had the wine, it would have been about $30 less, so that will give you some sort of perspective (and then in turn the tip would have been less).

    So! Yes, it was pricey but it surely was a wonderful way to laze away an afternoon.

    We did look at the walk up window where you can buy a slice. The slices are quite large, but thicker crust, and just a couple of choices. I'd give it a try maybe, but surely would have a hard time foregoing that lovely thin soft crust pizza.

    We glanced at the Tutto Italia menu on the way out. There were some very nice choices on there too.

    All in all, Italy has come a long way since the yucky days of Alfredo whatever with the dried out gnocchi!

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    That sounds like my idea of heaven. I am a big pizza snob too. They have to be wood fired oven pizzas with a thin base and minimal toppings, just like you would find them in Italy. The rest of the meal sounds lovely too, as does the ambience. I am so looking forward to trying it in September.


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    Sounds perfect, I can just close my eyes and visualise the sunshine and pizza and prosecco.

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    Thank you it sounds like it was a wonderful meal, and the setting was perfect.

    I can see us stopping off there in September

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    That is so great that you were able to just walk up and get a table! The perks of being a twosome I have not been to Via Napoli. I did have a slice at their walk up counter and it was not good. But, I don't want to judge an entire restaurant based on the walk up pizza so I may give it a try.

    Was your total with or without the Tables in Wonderland discount? (not sure if you still have that or not). I don't eat a whole lot in any one sitting and I really don't like getting that too full feeling (especially when it's hot out) so would you say the entrees or the pizza is enough for 2 to share?

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    We don't use TIW any longer, and yes we shared everything.

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    Im not a big fan of pizza myself, i just wanted to say i always feel a little bit jealous when i read your posts that you can just pop over to wdw whenever you want!

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