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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 304705
    We talk about V&A from time to time, but have just never been lured there. Weird, huh? I did see a short piece with Chef Scott and Emeril recently. They were talking about Scott's melon salad and how refreshing it is... The melon is from Oviedo.

    At any rate, perhaps one day.
    yeah I know over the years you've never really felt the urge to try V&A

    It's perhaps an odd fit for me. I'm very fussy and won't try much if I don't like the sound/look of it

    However, over the years V&A have really impressed me with their food, service and desire to impress their guests. Most of the people there seem genuinely proud to be working at V&A and it's almost a pride thing with them that you go away happy.

    Now, I consider you two to be foodies (whatever you say ) so I'm thinking you have a lot more experience than me of v&a STYLE places. Basically if there was v&a v a top end steakhouse, I'd probably choose the steakhouse to be sure there'd be something I'd like. So, although I've been to a lot of great places, they're usual steaky places.

    So back to V&A I don't eat vegetables but at V&A I've often had them and loved them because, I guess, great ingredients and prepared properly. I wouldn't normally try fish, but I've found out I like loads of fish dishes IF done properly.

    Now that doesn't really say much I know makes it sound like they're capable of taking a fussy steak and chips eater and perhaps raising his game a touch but vegetables aside, I do know good food when I eat it and v&a is beyond wonderful IMHO each and every time.

    The only issue I've ever had is with the service. In the early days they stuck SO much to the "I'm Victoria and this is Albert" game and I just felt for an upmarket location, they needed to knock it off even when asked, they would say "Victoria" sigh just too much

    Anyway that rubbish is long gone I'm happy to say
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    Well, perhaps you'll convince me to try it for Herself's birthday.

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    Reading your report makes me so sad Tink, as the Bistro was one of those restaurants that we really enjoyed to visit for dinner.

    I`ll certainly hold fire until I read some more positive reviews before I go there again.
    Thanks very much for the information, although I am very sorry that you had such a bad experience.

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    We really liked the Bistro, too Terry. Will truly miss it now that the replacement isn't up to par. Maybe they'll improve over time.

    Perhaps we'll try "downstairs" again. We've not been there in quite some time. The last time we were there is was very nice (lunch) so no reason not to try it again.

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