The annual service on my Jaguar had become due, and a couple of weeks ago I received an email from Jaguar asking if I would like to take part in their "Mystery Shopper Programme", so I agreed.
They gave me a special telephone number that I had to use if I had to contact the dealership so that the conversations could be recorded, and obviously I could not breathe a word to anyone prior to my visit, and if the Jag dealers were to contact me I was told to hang up and call them back using this number!

Today was the date for my car`s service.
I had arranged a clandestine meeting point with the mystery shopper who came with me to drop my car off and he was rigged up with a hidden camera to record everything that took place.
While my car was being serviced, my "newly acquired friend" drove me to the town centre where I had coffee and a snack as he had another job to do locally, and he arranged to collect me at a designated spot a couple of hours later.

Back at the garage to collect my car, the guy again came into the dealership with me, again secretly filming all that took place.
After we left, we met up again at our rendezvous location where I had to complete a short questionnaire, after which I was given a cheque for 150 for my troubles.

I found the whole thing very surreal, especially as I have been a Jaguar owner for 20 years or so and hence know all the folk at the dealership very well, and always have a laugh and a joke with them whenever I pay them a visit.
I only hope that none of them said anything "out of turn" to me which Jaguar may pick up on.