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Thread: Trip Report.....finally PART 1

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    Thank you for your patience sorry it took so long to write.
    Well we left for Disney on March 5 in the early morning, we arrived at the Beach Club early afternoon and were quickly escorted to the Club Level and straight to our room. We literally spent 3 minutes in the room before heading over to Epcot to get our park passes. I have to say i had wantedto buy an annual Florida pass for myself, ( I live in NY but also have a town house in Islamorada) however the gentleman that i dealt with at Epcot basically told me I was a liar and had forged my documents. i had a governemnt issued id, my Florida library card, and an old disney ticket that i had bought with my florida Id.....if I had any extra time in my life it would not be used "forging' would probably be for a nap....who am i kidding it would be to throw another load of laundry in. So unfortunatly I had to spend a little extra money then I had planned on our park passes.
    We spent a few hourse just walking around Epcot, our 2 year old Jack was tired after traveling so he didnt have alot of energy to do much more. We ate that night at Cape May, it was as always delicious,clean and fresh food.
    Our first full day... we woke up and headed to Animal Kingdom, they had extra magic hours so we figured it was a good place to start. Spent a few hours there and then headed to Magic Kingdom as I was dying to see the new fantasyland...and let me tell you it was everything i could imagine and so much more... i loved it, The Little Mermaid ride was AMAZING, the details and the time that they take to perfect things are just amazing. Something a little suprising was that we asked about hidden Mickeys on the ride and were told that there were no official hidden Mickeys on the ride. After here we headed on to Epcot as we had dinner reservations at Biergarten. Again it was good food, and Jack absolutly adores the show. We sat with some lovely ladies that were visiting from the Uk, they told us all about what they were planning to do on there trip. Just really lovely ladies to chat with. After dinner it was a short walk around the countries and then time to get to the hotel room as it was almost 8.
    In case you were wondering, Jack doenst relaly nap so this whole trip my little champ would be out of the room all day and not nap at all and yet still be polite and well behaved. Even when we would eat dinner every night there was always someone commenting on what a pleasure he was to be seated next to. (yay! its awesome to hear that as a parent)

    Day 3 THE DAY WE EAT AT BE OUR GUEST!! Ok I never want a day at Disney to go quick except this day as i couldnt wait to be eating at Be Our lets just skip to that part...OMG it is beatiful! The food was delicous. I had shrimp in a puffed pastry (must have had 3 dozen shrimp) and it was the best puffed pastry i had ever had and my husband agreed (did i mention my husband used to be a chef). Hubby has a corninsh game hen which he said was amazing as well. As you are eating the Beast come out and they announce that you can meet him in the library when you have finished dinner. [ATTACH]14734.vB[/ATTACH]

    When it is time for dessert they wheel around this lovely little cart that has about 7 options to choose from. we had a triple chocolate cake, heavenly and a creak puff equally as good. Some fun little facts that I learned were that the chandelleir was so big it had to be carried in piecesand then re put together. Also the snow in the back window of that dining room is acutally the snow from the movie, they took the digital files from the movie were able to have it snow in the dining room.

    ok time to be a mommy....will do part 2 tomorrow. I will leave you all with some pictures!
    Also this is my first ever trip report so pleasego easy on me im still learning!
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    Thank you so much! Love the photos!!

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    Oh my goodness...where to start! First, what a lovely family you have!! Your little man is absolutely adorable!!

    Also the snow in the back window of that dining room is actually the snow from the movie, they took the digital files from the movie were able to have it snow in the dining room.
    OMG, that's sooooo cool!!! It makes it that much more special!! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed your dinner there, and the photo is supercute!

    Now then, you must tell me more about what you thought of the Beach's my "someday" resort

    Right then, MORE PLEASE!!!

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    I love the Beach Club! I got to stay for the weekend last Labor Day and it was just awesome. Wish I could afford to stay there everytime. Maybe if I didn't go so much? Lol

    What a great picture of your family with the Beast!!

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    I must say, I'm not impressed with the treatment you received when attempting to purchase a FL resident AP. I think you could try and pursue a bit of a refund if you wanted to. That's just not nice.

    It's good that you didn't let it ruin your day though.

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    Jaime if that is your first trip report then you get 10/10 from me. I loved it and the photos are wonderful and what lovely memories they will be, when you look back at them with your gorgeous son when he is older.

    I'm really looking forward to Be Our Guest, which part did you sit in?

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    So glad you enjoyed BOG, I would also pursue a refund from WDW, they're usually quite good at making things right. Really enjoyed reading your report and the photos, what a lovely family you have

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    Great start and great photos Jaime. We loved BOG also and now you have me wanting to try both of the entrees that you and your DH had.

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    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us Jaime....sorry to hear about the hassle with your AP`s though.

    Great photos to boot, and I can`t wait to have dinner at BoG when we are next there in a few months time.

    Looking forward to Part 2 of your T/R.

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    Wow! Great TR! I am so glad that you didn't let the rude CM upset your first day. Can't wait to see more about the trip.

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