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Thread: What do you take to the Parks

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    I actually knew someone who ended up in the hospital with a stomach bleed because of it.

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    Wow, how the so doctors vary in countries. Chris was told that it stopped him getting a bleed by taking them at the same time. I think I will make him stop after reading what you've said Tink thank you.

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    It is very odd, the exact opposite between the countries for some medical advice.

    Another one that I find extremely interesting is the difference in diagnosing mental illnesses. Schizophrenia as diagnosed here is usually diagnosed as BiPolar disease in the UK. VERY different sets of criteria for those two illnesses!

    Please don't have Chris change his health routine without his physician's approval. He could tell him that he's heard of the studies...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beccaberry, post: 306552
    Wow, has this answer changed over the years! When the children were smaller the answer would have been "everything except the kitchen sink" and then some! Of course, then, we had a posh stroller to push it all around in! There were drinks and snacks, changes of clothes, first aid kits, bottles, diapers, along with the point and shoot, the "big" camera, and the video camera. As the years passed, the kids grew, and the stroller became a thing of the past, we started whittling down what we brought in with us.

    Now, we're often found entering the park with nothing but our phones and our tickets. I'll bring the camera a few odd times during the trip, or grab the point and shoot - but not every time. There is a LOVELY sense of freedom to be able to go through the turnstile and give "security" a miss

    Count me on the front end of this post

    We typically carry 2 backpacks into the parks. 1 is an old Princess one and that is our "diaper bag" that always stays with the stroller (even when we leave it for a ride). It has diapers, wipes, extra clothes for each kid and that type of thing. It is full of things that we need (Marc was in diapers last trip), but are easily replaced if we needed to. Nobody ever touched that bag.

    Then I carry my backpack! For this trip I picked up an organizing backpack from 31, and I am pretty excited about it! It has all these little pockets and zippers and totally feeds my OCD I carry the medical supplies, change for squished pennies, camera and camcorder, ponchos, tickets, money, snacks, sunscreen and whatever else we think we might need for the day. This bag stays with me at all times

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