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Thread: Character Breakfast at Universal

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    Ok I was thinking of booking the Character Breakfast at Universal as a surprise for the family and I wondered what you all thought? I had a look today and it's $151 for 7 of us, you pay for it first then you have to phone up to reserve your date.

    The kids love Sponge Bob but really it's because I want my photo with a minion (then perhaps kidnap him too). Has anyone done it, do you think it's worth it?
    Sam x

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    I've never done it Sam, but it sounds like fun though.

    The prices are very similar to Disney so I don't think they are too bad. Hopefully someone will have done this so they can let you know what it's like

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    Where is the breakfast? I've fine the one at Confiscos Grill at IOA several times. It had Cat in the Hat, Spider-Man and Thing 1 & 2. It was lots of fun.

    I am going to have to book a trip to Universal so I can see the minions! Do post lots of pictures!

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