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Thread: What is the cheapeast Mall in Orlando ?

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    Hy my dear friends. I'm here again (17 days to be there !!!)
    Somebody told me that Sawgrass is the best place to buy everything. But ever heard that Florida Mall is better and cheaper. Do you have any info about it ?

    Thanks in advanced !!!!!

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    17 Days!!! You must be SOOOOO excited!

    I can't speak to Sawgrass Mall as we've never been, however I have always found deals to be had at the Florida Mall. If you're looking for the least expensive, you'll want to steer clear of The Mall at Millinia, I suspect.

    Don't forget the outlets!

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    Mall of millennia: the highest of high end shops

    Florida mall: huge mall has everything but a bookstore but there is a barnes and noble across the street but super busy all of the time

    West Oaks mall: STAY AWAY!!!

    Fashion Square Mall: a dying mall not to busy basic mall

    Altamonte mall: to far from disney but a very nice mall

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    Oh yes, definitely stay away from West Oaks Mall, we went once and never again, I was terrified.

    We have driven from Orlando to Altamonte and it is much cheaper than the Florida Mall and they have the reductions in the Hollister and Abercrombie stores, but it is a long drive and it's not very big in comparison to the Florida Mall.

    You have to remember as well that the outlet malls aren't always cheaper than the Florida Mall.

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    I'm not a mall shopper usually, but will agree unequivocally STAY AWAY FROM WEST OAKS. Seriously. It's gang land and you do not want to be there even in broad daylight.

    Florida Mall... well, yep. It's BIG. I usually only go to malls once each at Christmas, but this past Christmas didn't do the Florida Mall. Milennia is fun, if only for the sticker shock. There can be seriously good sales at some of the shops there, too.

    The outlets are generally speaking, a rip off. It's off market, second merchandise for the most part, with high end prices. The Disney stores in the outlet malls can be fun to go to, but the last few times (quite some time ago now) that we've been it's been a waste of time. Ugly old t-shirts and not much else.

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    there is a mall pretty close to DTD... cant think off hand of the name....i take a taxi from behind BASIN, and it was $11 as of last summer each way...and they have a character outlet there... i got a mickey polo, mickey henley and mickey denim long sleeve shirt for $27. grabbed a bite to eat at the food court there...nothing much else there caught my eye...but the disney outlet was worth the trip....could have gotten more but wasnt feeling to well that day and wanted to get back to the room..

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    That's Premium Outlets. Presents itself as an outlet mall, but isn't truly. High prices often for what is there. However, the Disney stores there are usually good. They've not been too terrific the past few times we've been, but if you get lucky you can get some wonderful buys.

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    premium outlets or lake bueno outlets THATS ON THE 535 TOWARDS THE 192

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    Lake Buena Vista outlets are a bit further from WDW/DTD than is Premium Outlets. Lake Buena Vista outlets amaze me that they are still open. They are an odd collection of shops. Their "Disney store" is a motley grouping of leftover park merchandise, and other items that never saw anything to do with Disney.

    The Vanity Fair store there used to be ok, though. Cheap clothes. The Carter's Outlet for children is another place that seems to be doing continuous business. As with any so called outlet mall, you have to shop around and know what constitutes a bargain before purchasing anything.

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