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Thread: Muppets Pioneer Jane Henson Passes Away

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    The Muppets co-creator and philanthropist Jane Henson, the widow of the beloved Jim Henson, died in her Connecticut home on Tuesday after a long battle with cancer, she was 78.

    A tribute page celebrating Jane and featuring images from her life can be found at A memorial mass is planned for next week.

    Jane, along with husband Jim Henson proved a successful partnership with his creation The Muppets and was there from the very beginning of Jim Henson's rise to fame, working first as his creative partner before becoming his wife.

    Jane and Jim separated in 1986, but remained close until his death in 1990. In 1992, Jane funded and founded The Jim Henson Legacy, to conserve, preserve and present Henson's artistic contributions.

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    This has been quite the story here in CT...she was much loved by many people.

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    Rest in peace. Thank you for the wonderful work.

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    what a shame.....the muppets have been around for a long long time. Jim and Jane created something that impacted so many people . I remember sooooo many years ago, take a younger brother & sister to Radio City Music Hall in NYC. the muppets were just starting out and they put on a the end the cast came out (I remember they were all dressed in black so you didnt see anything during the show) for bows and were a smashing hit. this was back before sesame street. RIP Jane

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