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Thread: How to do an Easter Egg hunt for my boyfriend in Walt Disney World?

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    April 5th is my boyfriend and I's 6 month, and we will be in Walt Disney World that whole week. Since it is very close to Easter, I would like to do something with Easter eggs. The thing I can't figure out is how I could do that while going through parks with him all day, and I wouldn't want someone else to find the egg and open it. Any ideas would be appreciated, I really want this to work out!

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    Hi Paulagrace and

    I think it's very sweet that you'd like to do something for your BF during your trip

    It's a tough one, though. Disney is very prudent (for security reasons) about not allowing items to "linger" that aren't specifically placed there by Disney. So it's possible that it could be scooped up not only by other guests, but by Disney themselves.

    If you wanted to do something like this, I would suggest keeping the number of eggs small (maybe six?) and carrying them with you into the park and then hiding one at a time wen you reach the proximity of where you'd like your BF to search. You could feign a bathroom break, a water break, an "oh look at that over there!" moment. You could then tuck it away, but still "keep an eye on it." Does that make sense?

    Good luck!

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